Terms and conditions

A. Payments & Safety


The execution of an order through the e-shop constitutes conclusion of a remote sale contract, governed by the legislative framework of Law 2251/1994, as in force.

You can place a valid order through the e-shop, if you have the capacity to perform legal acts, in compliance with the articles of the Greek Civil Code, (provided that you are over eighteen and you are not under judicial support with regard to signing sale contracts).

Orders can be placed by representatives of legal entities, while our company reserves its right to assert its claims for any orders placed by persons lacking the capacity to perform legal acts against their supervisors or guardians.


Completion of a special form with the necessary details for the conclusion of the sale contract.

Unconditional acceptance of the terms of the sale contract and the terms of use, by selecting the electronic option “ACCEPTANCE”, offered by the website to the person interested.

To facilitate and serve those who wish to purchase products from our e-shop, www.sofiageorgiadou.com offers you the following alternative methods of payment:

By charging your credit card.

Your credit card will be charged on the date when you place your order for the products.

The website www.sofiageorgiadou.com has adopted all the necessary measures for the security of your credit card transactions, and all credit card holders are subject to validity checks.

It is important that you necessarily state a telephone number and a valid e-mail address.

By cash on delivery (it only applies to orders within Greece) upon receiving the products.

It should be noted that payment by cash on delivery applies to orders of products whose value does not exceed five hundred Euro (€500).

If the value of the order exceeds the above amount of five hundred Euro, payment will be exclusively made by credit card.

Through the website consumers are informed by our company before conclusion of their order about the identity and address of the supplier, the main features of the product, the price, the quantity, the delivery costs, the manner of payment and delivery, the validity term, the price of any offer, and the right of rescission.

By sending the order form, the consumer receives an electronic storable copy of the order.

The prices indicated on the relevant catalogues under each product include (24%) VAT, while www.sofiageorgiadou.com reserves its right to modify the prices without being obliged to notify consumers.

NOTE: Customers from non-EU countries are subject to any additional charges that may arise from differences in exchange rate, customs clearance, import duties, restrictions on the products and other local requirements for which our company bears no liability.


You will be asked to provide some personal data, in order to be able to carry out any transactions through the e-shop of our company and to order products.

When you place an order, we will ask for your full name, the address to which the products will be sent, your home phone number (or any other phone number you may wish to give us), your email address, and if you select your payments to be carried out by credit card, the number, the expiration date of the card, as well as the three-digit security code.

Those data are processed by our company in compliance with Article 7A par. 1 (b) of Law 2472/1997, for the purpose of execution of the order placed by the customer, and shall by no means be disclosed, announced or sold to third parties unless the statutory declassification procedure is initiated (Law 2225/1994), or any obligations arising from the national implementation of Directive 24/2006.

Your personal data are notified to the competent bank (e.g. credit card number) and are DELETED from our database upon conclusion of your order, thus, ensuring an even higher degree of security.

B. Deliveries


For deliveries in Greece the fee amounts are free and the delivery is carried out within 6-8 business days.


For deliveries in Cyprus the fee amounts to 19€ (24% VAT included) and the delivery is carried out within 6-8 business days.

For deliveries in countries other than Greece and Cyprus the fee amounts to 21€-60€ (24% VAT included) and the delivery is carried out within 6-11 business days.

C. Return Policy


You have the right to return the whole order or part inform us of the reason why you wish to return the products, by giving relevant notice to us within a time limit of 14 calendar days from the date when you received your order.

In this case you shall only bear the cost for the return of the products at the headquarters of our shop.

If the reason for the return involves a defect of the product we have sent to you, we undertake to bear the cost of return of the products, on the condition that you will notify us of the defect, stating such defect on the return form, which is described below.

As soon as we receive notice from you, we will send the courier company with which our company cooperates, to receive the product for return.

Our company shall not bear any costs for return of products if the procedure above has not been complied with.

To exercise the right of rescission, you must fill out and send the special “return form” you can find here in our website www.sofiageorgiadou.com within a deadline of 14 calendar days from receiving the product.

As mentioned above, if the return involves a product defect, you must report such defect in the above return form on the space “remarks”.

Then, you are required to send and deliver the product to us:

  • in the perfect condition in which you received it.
  • without having removed the special labels – cards on the product.
  • with the special package in which the product was sent to you, within 14 calendar days from successfully sending the above “return form” to our email.
  • you are required to include the retail sale invoice, as well as a copy of the “return form”.

Returns will be accepted only at the approval of our company and after our company has determined that the foregoing consumer obligations have been fulfilled.

In the event of return of the products, and depending on the method you have selected for payment of your order on the one hand, and on the manner in which the products will be returned on the other hand, your money will be returned to the bank account you will indicate to us within 10 business days from the date when we receive the products.

After we receive the product returned, we will promptly process your request and we will notify you by email about the manner in which we will handle your request.

Our company, wishing to offer you the best possible service, gives you the right to submit any complaint electronically by filling out the relevant contact form you can find here.


  • A necessary requirement is that the product be in its original packaging and in the same perfect condition in which you received it, along with the retail sale invoice, including the special labels on the product (cards), which must not have been removed from the product.
  • The product returned must be accompanied by a copy of the filled-out “return form” you can find here (which must have already been emailed to us).
  • Returns will be accepted only at the approval of our company and after the latter has determined that the foregoing consumer obligations have been fulfilled.
  • The products must be returned (sent and delivered to our company) within 14 calendar days from the date when the special return form was successfully sent to our company’s email, as set forth above.

The products returned are under your responsibility until they reach us.

Make sure that they are properly packaged and that they cannot be damaged during transfer thereof.

Any returns we may receive that fail to meet the terms of our policy will not be accepted.

Note: To avoid any inconvenience, you are recommended to carefully check at the time of delivery of your order that the products sold are in good condition and that their package is intact, so that you can detect any visible defects.

Should any defect be detected on the product returned during quality control, our company must contact the consumer, for the purpose of resolving the issue.

Our company will receive the product returned from you within 2-3 business days for returns within Greece, or within 5-6 business days for returns from countries abroad.

If you select other courier companies, we cannot provide you with any guarantee as to the times of delivery of the products you return to us.

Should you wish to return the products you have purchased, you should send them to the following address:



Force Majeure:

If for Force Majeure reasons (e.g. adverse weather conditions, strikes, etc.) we are not able to deliver the products to you within the designated time, we will notify you by e-mail, in order to ask you whether you want your order to be executed, given the circumstances.

Our company shall not bear any liability for any condition not attributed to its fault, and it will exert all possible efforts to serve you in the best possible manner.

Amendment of the terms hereof www.sofiageorgiadou.com reserves the right to amend or renew the transaction terms and conditions.

Our company also undertakes the obligation to update this text with any change or addition to the terms.

The courts of Thessaloniki shall have jurisdiction to resolve any dispute that may arise from use of our company’s e-shop.